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Why you Should Consider Stained Glass for your Home

Why you Should Consider Stained Glass for your Home

Stained glass windows are not only used in churches and historical buildings, they can also provide an exceptionally beautiful and stylish enhancement for any property. There is a wide range of stained glass designs to choose from, such as Art Nouveau or mosaics, or you can even create your own bespoke window design with the help of a specialist.

There are many benefits to stained glass; it can be used to enhance the period feel of a property, provide a focal point and add character to a more modern property. Stained glass windows can also be used to improve the privacy of a room, whilst maintaining optimum light levels.

Stained glass is a wonderful way to transom the windows of your home. Stained glass windows will not only enhance your interior, but they will also give the exterior of your home the wow factor! You could add a window design to reflect the period of your property or you could create a modern design for a more contemporary home.

Stained glass panels are also a popular feature in many front doorways – either used within the door itself, above the door or either side of the door frame to create a symmetrical design.

Stained glass is also an excellent option for bathrooms, where additional privacy is required. Many bathroom windows feature textured or frosted glass to ensure nobody can see in, but with the addition of stained glass you can beautifully illuminate your bathroom with colours and patterns.

Another stunning way to add stained glass to your home is to use it to create a skylight. Skylights are a very popular way of adding more light to a room. To maximise light and keep that amazing view of the sky, you could simply add a stained glass design around the edges of your new skylight window.