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What do Stained Glass Windows Symbolise?

What do Stained Glass Windows Symbolise?

The purpose of most windows is to let light into a building and to give a view of the outside. However, stained glass windows have a much more interesting purpose…
Stained glass windows not only let light into a building through beautiful coloured glass, but the historical significance of stained glass windows is to symbolise certain events or important features of a story. This is particularly relevant in churches, where stories from the Bible would be created into stained glass window designs.

Since many of the poor could not read, bible stories were often interpreted through stained glass windows in churches. These became known as the “Bibles of the Poor.”
Many different symbols and colours would be used in these window designs to represent various religious stories. For example, doves were symbolic of the Holy Spirit, a cross represented Jesus Christ and the colour blue was often used to depict the Virgin Mary.

Another interesting way these bible characters were portrayed using stained glass was by carefully placing them in certain areas of the scene. For example, important characters would usually be positioned higher or in the middle of the window and would be much larger than other less important figures.

Even today, stained glass windows still play an important role in enhancing the experience and general understanding of worshippers, as well as providing a beautiful spectacle. Many other places of worship, including mosques, also focus on the interior beauty of a building and feature stained glass within their architecture.

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