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Tips for Installing a Round Window

Tips for Installing a Round Window

Installing a round window into your home is a fantastic way to enhance the appearance of your property and add an element of charm, especially if you finish it off with stained glass panes. However, as you can imagine, installing a round window is a little more complicated than installing a regular window, but hopefully the following advice will help. There are also lots of video tutorials online.

Start by ensuring you have all the required tools and materials before you start the project. Presuming there is already an opening where an old window resides, you’ll need to measure the size of the opening so that you know what size window you’ll need. You will also need to consider corner braces, which should be angled into the centre of the opening to make it the correct circular shape.

Place the new window into the opening, but be sure to check the jamb depth by running a thin bead of caulk around the nailing fin. The window must be evenly displaced when you push it into the opening. You will then need to nail into the nailing fin with a hammer, which will hold the window in place temporarily. Make sure the unit is level and add shims if necessary, then proceed with the rest of the nails. You will then need to add the window casing.

Throughout the installation of your new round window, you need to check it is perfectly centred. Once it is hammered into place, you’ll need to seal it using another thin bead of caulk. You should check carefully that there are no gaps or cracks.

If you don’t fancy tackling this project on your own, be sure to contact a professional for support. What’s more, we’d love to create a stained glass window for you to incorporate your own personality into your property.