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Stained Glass Windows: Restoration or Removal

Stained Glass Windows: Restoration or Removal

Stained-glass windows are a great addition to any building, providing a beautiful focal point whilst offering increased privacy. Despite being incredible durable, stained-glass windows may eventually show signs of fatigue or damage and at this point you will have to make the decision between restoring them to their former glory or removing them all together. To help you decide which is the best solution for your stained-glass windows, consider these few factors below.

Extent of the Damage
For minor damage or degradation it is often possible to leave the stained- glass window in place. It may just be that your stained-glass window needs a little TLC in the form of a good clean to bring it back to life. If your stained-glass has acquired small cracks and chips over time then an option is to have the individual pieces of glass sealed or replaced in situ, without the need to remove the entire panel. However, for more extensive damage the whole window may need to be removed and either reconstructed using reclaimed glass or replaced completely.

It is also worth noting that sometimes the cost of repairing a stained-glass window is greater than the cost of replacing it all together. Extensive damage can be difficult to repair therefore a more cost-effective option may be to have the panel replaced with a new stained-glass window. In such situations it is possible to recreate the current design, often using reclaimed materials, to provide you with a brand-new stained-glass window which appears as close to the original as possible.

Significance and Value
For windows which are high in value or hold historic significance it may be more appropriate to invest in the restoration of the original rather than replace the window with a new version. Depending on the extent of the damage it may be possible to carry out small repairs on site. For more extensive issues the frame may need to be removed and rebuilt using matching materials before being reinstalled, giving the original panel a new lease of life.