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Stained Glass Craft Ideas for Kids

Stained Glass Craft Ideas for Kids

If you enjoy the beauty of stained glass windows, why not use them as inspiration for your next family crafting project…?

Just like a rainbow in the sky, a bright and colourful stained glass window never fails to grab a child’s attention. Many stained glass window designs also help to tell a story, particularly in historic buildings, which make them even more interesting to children.

To create your own stained glass masterpieces here are three of our favourite stained glass craft ideas for kids…

Tissue paper windows
Tissue paper is the ideal crafting material for a stained glass craft project. It comes in a huge variety of colours and is made of very thin paper, which makes it perfect for allowing light to shine through.

For a really simple stained glass craft project, why don’t you create your own window designs using tissue paper and then hang them in your windows at home?
Simply make a frame by cutting the middle out of a piece of card and then stick a large piece of self-adhesive clear plastic film in this middle section. Tear up lots of sheets of different coloured tissue paper into tiny squares. Then let your little ones create their very own stained-glass design by placing these squares of tissue paper onto the sticky self-adhesive sheet.

Stained glass jars

Light is the key to unlocking the true beauty of stained glass. So what better way to enjoy your own stained glass designs then to add your own illumination! With the addition of a simple LED tea light you can transform an old glass jar into a beautiful stained glass candle holder.

For this craft activity you will need a set of glass paints to create your own designs. First add the black or metallic outliner and allow it to dry. Then add the coloured glass paints. Once your design is completed, simply add your tea light and enjoy the beautiful display of colours that will light up your room.

Christmas cookies

Finally, this stained glass craft idea is both creative and tasty!
Making stained glass cookies for Christmas is a fun activity for kids of all ages. Simply make cookie dough, roll it out and use cookie cutters to make your festive shapes. For example, stars, Christmas trees and snowflakes.

Cut out a shape in the middle of each cookie and fill with crushed boiled sweets in different colours. Once cooked, the hard candy will melt and look like beautiful stained glass windows.
These cookies make amazing little gifts. Simply wrap them in cellophane and tie with a bow!