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Replacing Windows in Period Homes

Replacing Windows in Period Homes

Windows are a major player in the overall appearance of a home and are inextricably linked to the character and architectural style of a period property. Typically made from wood or metal, period windows are susceptible to decay if they are not looked after properly. With that in mind, people often decide to replace their period windows, but since it’s hard to imitate the original design it’s often better to restore them where possible.

Of course, old windows are eventually threatened with chipping, warping, sticking, rotting and even corrosion. What’s more, lots of period property owners also complain of high energy bills and draughts. Fortunately, there are ways to deal with each of these issues to improve the efficiency, appearance, security and functionality of your windows. For instance, you could consider double or even triple glazing to reduce heat loss.

The two most common types of windows found in period homes are side-hung casements, which swing open like a door and vertical sash windows which slide up and down. The glazing is just as important as the frame and you might want to opt for stained glass to add even more character to the property. The weights on a sash window unit would need to be altered if putting stained glass in. The stained glass makes the unit heavier so would need more weight to counter balance and allow the window to move up and down smoothly and also stay up if needed.

uPVC doesn’t really do much by way of appearance, so you should look for wood or metal frames when replacing your period windows. Be sure to choose something that suits your property and check the quality of the material. Low quality timber will twist and warp and probably rot a lot quicker than a high end choice and is therefore not a sustainable option.

It’s unlikely that you’ll need planning permission to replace your period windows if you’re installing a like-for-like replica, but it’s worth checking if you’re unsure. Be sure to take advice from a trustworthy business that has plenty of experience in window and door design and construction.