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How to Create a Bespoke Stained Glass Window – Step by Step

How to Create a Bespoke Stained Glass Window – Step by Step

If you are interested in commissioning a stained glass window design and want to learn a little bit more about the process, we are here to help with our step by step guide…

Step One – Consultation

The first step is for us to meet you to discuss your ideas and talk about the various elements of your stained glass window design. These elements could include themes, symbols, colours, textures or types of glass – for example does the glass need to be clear or opaque to give privacy?

Sometimes clients show us photos of stained glass designs that have inspired them, family crests, or even family pets! Whatever your ideas, we will be able to help bring your stained glass window design to life and create a bespoke piece that suits your tastes and requirements.

If you are unsure of the design you would like to create, we can help to inspire you by showing you some ideas in our pattern books or our client portfolio.
It is also useful to arrange a visit to your property, so that we can accurately measure the aperture and assess the natural light coming into the room. We can also try to match the colour scheme of your bespoke window design with your interior.

Step Two – Cost
The cost of creating a bespoke stained glass window can vary enormously depending on the size and the complexity of the design. Once we have put together all of your requirements into a design brief, we will then be able to provide you with a quote for the final cost. Upon acceptance of our quote, we then ask our clients for a 30% deposit.

Step Three – Design
Once you have given us the go ahead and confirmed the design elements of your new stained glass window, we will then create a detailed sketch for you. This is known as a cartoon and it includes details of both the pattern and the colours of your window. After you have reviewed the cartoon, we will make any amends that you require, before producing the final design.
Step Four – Production
Once you’re happy with the final design of your bespoke stained glass window, we will then begin building it in our workshop. We are happy to keep you fully involved in the process and you are welcome to visit during this stage to see your masterpiece come to life.

Step Five – Completion
Once completed, your stained glass window can be safely packaged up and sent to your property, or we can provide a fitting service.