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How to Clean Stained Glass Windows – Top Tips

How to Clean Stained Glass Windows – Top Tips

Stained-glass windows are a beautiful feature to any building, however they do require special care and careful maintenance in order to keep them looking at their best.
Whether you wish to clean a stained glass church window or a decorative glass door panel at home, it is important to remember that stained glass is delicate and requires special attention to ensure that it endures for years to come.

Follow our tips below to carefully clean your stained glass windows, without causing any damage…

Tip 1: Keep cleaning to a minimum and try to dust using a soft brush instead of using water and soap. When needed, wipe clean with a soft, damp cloth.

Tip 2: It is important not to use any harsh chemical cleaners on stained glass windows. Instead use a pH neutral solution mixed with water. This is because acidic solutions can break down the metal bindings that support the glass panels and weaken them over time.

Tip 3: It is also vital that you do not use an abrasive sponges or cloths that can scratch the glass.

Tip 4: Any liquid should be sprayed onto the cloth and not directly onto the glass.

Tip 5: Crumpled-up newspaper is a great option for drying the glass and will help to avoid any water streaks.

Tip 6: Cotton buds are also really useful for cleaning in the edges of the metal work or the smaller pieces of glass.

Refurbishment and repair
The nature of stained glass means that older windows will often need repairs, and in some cases need to be completely replaced. This is usually as a result of a natural disaster, such as storm damage.
Here at the Stained Glass Window Company, we will look closely at the existing design and repair or recreate it. We will always do our very best to remain completely faithful to the original design, including the use of reclaimed materials, which closely match the period of the original window.