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Do I Need Protective Coverings on My Stained Glass Windows?

Do I Need Protective Coverings on My Stained Glass Windows?

If you have stained glass windows in your property, you will understand that not only are they beautiful pieces of art, but they are also incredibly delicate and vulnerable to corrosion and damage.

To help protect your windows and extend their lifespan you may wish to consider installing some form of protective covering. Read on to learn about some of the protective covering options available for stained glass windows…

Wire mesh
Wire mesh is a common and cost-effective protection method for stained glass windows. These intricate, metal wire guards are not only perfect for protecting against vandals, but they also prevent damage from birds and wildlife.

Protective glazing
From polycarbonate to laminated and tempered glass, glazing can be used to protect against wear and tear as well as weather damage. Protective glazing adds another layer of safekeeping between the stained glass and outside elements. It helps to prevent water damage and scratches and it also protects the delicate glass and metal work from the wind.

Polycarbonate is one of the most common forms of protective glazing because it can be easily cut into any shape or size. This incredibly tough plastic is used to make crash helmets and bus shelter glazing because it does not break or shatter when something hard hits it. This is what makes polycarbonate glazing an ideal choice for protecting stained glass windows.

Double glazing
In order to protect your stained glass windows and improve the insulation of your home; you may wish to consider double glazing. This encapsulation process involves sealing the stained glass panel inside a double glazed unit to form three layers of glass.

Any alterations to stained glass windows should be performed by a professional. There are many window specialists who can provide a protective covering service, but please do your research to ensure you find a trustworthy professional to carry out this work.

Any sort of protective covering for glass should aim to fit with the style and shape of the windows. A venting system also needs to be installed to help prevent condensation from forming between the layers of glass.