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Can Stained Glass Windows be Double Glazed?

Can Stained Glass Windows be Double Glazed?

In order to protect your stained glass windows and improve the insulation of your home; you may wish to consider double glazing.
Yes, stained glass windows can be double glazed. This encapsulation process involves sealing the stained glass panel inside a double glazed unit to form three layers of glass.

Stained glass double glazing has become increasingly popular over the years, as many people find that it can add style and potential value to their property. Stained glass double glazing can be installed in various types of buildings, such as homes, churches and schools which may require added safety and security.

Any alterations to stained glass windows should be performed by a professional. There are many window specialists who can provide this encapsulation service, but please do your research to ensure you find a trustworthy professional to carry out this work.

Firstly the stained glass window will be carefully removed and taken away for restoration. The empty window frame will be boarded up and secured. The whole window will then be delicately cleaned and any damage repaired, before being placed between two panes of toughened glass to form an insulated unit. The new double glazed unit will then be fitted back into the original window frame.

There are many benefits to double glazing your stained glass windows. These benefits include:

• Keeping your stained glass windows clean and protected.
• Improving heat and sound insulation to your home
• Increasing the safety and security of your home
• Reducing condensation
• Modernising the features of your home.
• Can add value and desirability to your home

If you are looking to incorporate a new stained glass window design into a double glazed unit for your home or business premises please get in touch.
We will work with you to create a beautiful and unique stained glass window design that will enhance any building.