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Can I Have a Stained Glass Window in my Home?

Can I Have a Stained Glass Window in my Home?

If you admire the beauty of stained glass windows and want to know how you could incorporate their colourful designs into your home; then read on for some ideas we hope will inspire you…

Stained glass front door
Give your home a warm and inviting appearance by adding a stained glass window to your front door. This can be achieved using a reclaimed stained glass window or by commissioning a bespoke design. With a bespoke design you could incorporate your family crest or initials, or you could look into symbols that link with the local area or history. They can also be encapsulated into a double glazed unit to add more security and warmth.

Lattice windows
If you are lucky enough to live in a period home, with original lattice style windows, you could replace some of the clear panes of glass with coloured pieces. This will create a subtle, but beautiful stained glass effect, which can be incorporated into your interior colour scheme.

Stained glass skylight
For a truly original and striking focal point, why not add a stained glass skylight to your home? Skylights are a very popular way of adding more light to a room. To maximise light, try to avoid dark colours or simply highlight the edges with colour. This will keep that amazing view of the sky.

Bathroom windows
Bathrooms are a popular place to add stained glass windows, because they help to add privacy, while making the most of natural light. You could commission a stained glass partition for a bathroom or even a bespoke shower door.

Here at the Stained Glass Window Company, we use traditional materials and techniques to create beautiful windows, in any style, for every possible location. We work closely with each of our clients, to help them to create their own stained glass masterpiece.