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5 Stained Glass Door Designs

5 Stained Glass Door Designs

Stained glass designs are commonly found on front doors and windows, where the light shining through the glazed panels showcases the beautiful patterns colours and textures.

If you are considering a stained glass window for your front door, but you are unsure which design to choose, we’ve rounded up some beautiful examples to help inspire you…

1. Victorian

It was the Victorians that popularised the use of stained glass in homes. The Victorians loved bright jewel like colours, geometric shapes and lattice patterns. Their window designs are most recognisable for their bold red or royal blue borders.
This type of design looks spectacular set in a split glazed door, where you have two symmetrical glass panels.

2. Art Deco
Art deco stained glass window

In the 1920`s the Art deco movement became very popular, especially in interior design. This more modern style included angled patterns and geometric arrangements to create artistic impact. Sunburst designs were a popular choice, consisting of strong colours like yellows and reds, and they would often be combined with clear and textured glass to create a beautiful contrast. This style suits a large, central window within a front door to create a wonderful focal point.

3. Edwardian
Edwardian stained glass window

Edwardian glass designs often reflect nature with long flowing lines and intricate designs including flowers and leaves. Tulips and roses were often used in strong colours against a clear glass background. As you can see from this example, Edwardian designs look particularly effective split across smaller glass panels.

4. Art Nouveau
Art Nouveau stained glass window

Art Nouveau is another popular theme for stained glass windows. It is a classic and beautiful style, which combines graceful curving lines and many natural elements.
This art movement started at the end of the nineteenth century, when it was incorporated into many pieces of art, furniture and even architecture. Art Nouveau means “new art” and this decorative style is commonly recognised for its symmetrical patterns and abstract shapes.

5. Bespoke
Bespoke stained glass window

Of course, you don’t have to stick to patterns and designs from the past. Why not create a complete bespoke design for your front door instead?
You could include a family crest, or even your family pets! Whatever your ideas, we will be able to help bring your stained glass window design to life and create a bespoke piece that suits your tastes and requirements.