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5 Clever Ways to Add Colours to your Home

5 Clever Ways to Add Colours to your Home

The warmth brought to a home through colour can’t be underestimated. Whether you live in a large, detached property, an old cottage or an apartment, colour can be used to create ambience and atmosphere. Stylistically speaking, the choice of colour has a strong impact too. Dark, jewel tones can add a richness and glamour to a room whilst pastels can make a space seem lighter and more fun.

Many people try to achieve different atmospheres in rooms through paint colours and others choose a neutral wall colour, using soft furnishings and art to bring introduce colour instead. Whichever your preference, here are 5 clever ways to add colours to your home.

1: Stained Glass: This is a wonderful way to add colour to a home. It requires some sort of commitment as once a window is placed in a home, it’s obviously preferable that it remains in place for a long time. Many homeowners choose stained glass additions to their homes as a way of stamping their personality on the building. Using family emblems or crests can be a wonderful way to mark their time in the house. Equally, simply choosing a lovely design which appeals is a good idea. Floral patterns are particularly popular. Adding stained glass to doorways is the most common way to incorporate stained glass into the home though others choose to add it too hallway windows or even bedrooms. Stained glass casts beautiful shadows within a room and soft furnishings or paintings can be selected to work with the colours in the glass. View our gallery for some inspiration.

2: Framed art: You don’t need to spend a fortune to benefit from the warmth and colour which paintings can bring to a room. If you’d like to use wall art to add colour to your home and you’d like unique pieces, you can consider visiting your local college of art where you should be able to purchase unique pieces at a relatively low cost to those in established galleries. Similarly, framing fabric can be very effective. Choose colours which you love, patterns which inspire and consider vintage fabrics which will add a quirky touch to your home.

3: Soft furnishings: Whether we’re talking about cushions and rugs or tapestries and framed quilts, there is a wealth of choice for soft furnishings and they can really add a cosy feeling to any room. Fabrics when hung on walls also act as insulation and will muffle sounds – so this might be a good idea if you live near a busy road.

4: Murals: A custom painted mural on your wall might sound like a crazy idea but it can actually be amazing. You can commission an artist to paint a beautiful scene on any wall in your home and the great thing about this is that it’s probably going to be completely unique. Murals work especially well in children’s rooms and the subject can be anything your child is interested in. Bathrooms are another popular area to incorporate murals and really add a note of interest to an often-under-valued space.

5: Displaying collections: Whatever inspires you can be considered a good candidate for a displayed collection. Even vintage packaging can look amazing when displayed correctly on a long shelf. The key with this sort of addition is to collect ‘like’ items. Items don’t have to be identical but of the same type – and this gives a sophisticated look to any room. An example might be a collection of vintage perfume bottles displayed in a bedroom or a collection of vintage tea towels on a kitchen wall.

However you choose to display colour in your home, don’t be shy. Choose things you love and which inspire you and you’ll find that your home soon takes on a unique look which can’t be emulated.