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3 Stained Glass Designs for Doors

3 Stained Glass Designs for Doors

Are you looking to replace a door in your home or give one a makeover? A stained glass door can not only increase your privacy and let in light, but it can also add a striking burst of colour inside any home.

If you would like to add a stained glass window to a door in your home, here are three popular designs to help inspire you…

Mackintosh Designs
Mackintosh designs are a very popular choice for residential stained glass windows. They combine geometric shapes with the curved lines and natural elements of Art Nouveau. This type of design looks particularly effective when used on internal doors to create a pair of symmetrical glass panels.

Abstract Designs
Abstract designs are both colourful and contemporary. Using a combination of shapes and colours you can create a wonderful flood of colour to shine through any door. This can look even more effective when reflected off of a tiled or polished floor!

Landscape Designs
Landscape scenes look very impressive at the entrance to a home. You can use this type of design to capture certain elements of the local countryside or to emulate the plants and trees in your own front garden. Landscape designs are particularly useful when the view from the window isn’t very attractive.

In addition to creating a stained glass window for your front door you may also wish to consider matching side panels or top windows to accompany your design.

If you are looking to incorporate a new stained glass window design into your property, please get in touch. We will work with you to create a beautiful and unique stained glass door design that will enhance your home.